Top 10 Strategy Tips for Winning with Pot Limit Omaha

Be very selective with your starting hands . Nothing is more important than choosing the correct starting hand. Don’t go to everything, only to what smells like a good situation for you.

Select your table calmly . Only participate in tables where you think you can have an advantage, that is, in those where you have at least a couple of inexperienced players.

The players are part of the game . Make sure to quickly assess your opponents: who plays the risky hands, who folds under pressure, who raises the stakes like crazy, who bets randomly, who chooses their games well to raise the bids, who bluffs, who always goes with everything, who with nothing, etc.

‘To go or not to go’ , that is the question. Double, bet, raise (if the odds are with you), fold … It seems logical and it is, but really; Avoid continuing unless you have a good reason to trust your hand.

Honor most of the big bets and raises . This is particularly true in Pot-Limit Omaha, as most players don’t brag. If they call or increase the bet, it is usually because they have reasons for it (in more than 95% of cases this is the case).

Don’t “get married” to an eight-point drawing . In Omaha, it is possible to flop 13, 17 and 20. It is best to wait until you have one of these combinations before going all out.

Don’t play too much with the “wrong aces” . When all you have is a pair of aces and two “loose” cards, there is little you can do to improve your hand. If you don’t flop, you will usually end up with a weak hand. So for having an “ace” you don’t have to have a good hand.

You see with your best hands . Improve your credibility (and so you can lie on some occasion without risk that your opponents want to see your cards. Pay attention to us and you will see how you win more hands without effort.

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