How to prepare your poker games?

Many times we do not start an online poker session in the optimal conditions, we simply decide to start playing and that’s it. Sometimes because we feel like it and sometimes simply because of boredom or obligation.

The online poker is much like a sport, you can practice at any time, but not always be in your best physical / mental faculties to do so, it will take only remember the last football game you played with your gang of friends, was the best game of your life? Or were there external factors that made you not perform enough such as fitness, worries, fatigue….?

Without a doubt, having some good habits during your poker games will help you improve your strategy and achieve the expected results .

That is why we have created this guide to provide you with a list of habits that will help you to face your online poker sessions in a more optimal way.

We are going to make a summary of the most important ones, which although they may seem very basic are the kind of things that we all know are there but sometimes we need someone to remind us.

Free yourself from tasks

The first thing you have to do is have the agenda fully available, do not postpone your tasks until after the session because many times you know when you start but not when you will end, especially in the case of playing tournaments.

How many times have we had to sit out at a table because we have left something to do? Eat something, walk the dog, clean the kitchen, go run an errand and when you have everything done, apart from having freed your schedule you will also have emptied your mind.

You will face your sessions in a much more positive and relaxed way. Stress is a pathology that causes memory problems, mood disturbances and lack of concentration.

Prepare your space

Yes, on the sofa with your laptop, a few hooks on your right and a soda on the coffee table is surely where you will be most comfortable, but it is not ideal.

When you are going to spend long periods of time in front of the computer, everything around you is essential, in fact, your performance can improve by 15% if you are in a pleasant environment.

Clear the computer table, keep the room airy, put on some music, and sit in a comfortable chair. Playing in a pleasant environment will take much better stress or tilt that certain circumstances at the tables may cause us.

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